Honors Fellowships

Marshall Padilla

Padilla, MarshallName: Marshall Padilla
Title of Project:
 Synthesis and Application of Azobenzene Unnatural Amino Acid Derivatives
Advisor: Douglas Young
Honors Department: Chemistry

This project will look at methods to create, incorporate and utilize non-canonical amino acids to modify protein function. Since proteins are the workhorse of the cell, being able to modify them will contribute greatly in understanding and treating diseases.

The Honors Fellowship gives students a chance to not only learn about the world in fields that interest them, but also discover knowledge that is useful and important for society.

Hometown: Newport News, VA
Majors: Chemistry
Future Plans: I hope to attend a PhD program, and afterwards use my research knowledge in industry or at a hospital.
Hobbies: I am on the William and Mary Club Frisbee B Team, I play the violin, and I volunteer at Old Towne Medical Center’s Medical Access Program.
Fun Fact: Born in Santa Cruz, California, I am avid California sports fan. You will either find me at the gym weight lifting or playing basketball, the sunken gardens playing frisbee, or at the ISC doing general lab shenanigans.


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