Honors Fellowships

Megan Haney Claus

Haney-Claus, MeganName: Megan Haney Claus
Title of Project:
 One Direction and the Marketing Machine
Advisor: Charles McGovern
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

My research will look at the relationship between the band One Direction, how the band is marketed, and how the fans perceive of it. The qualification of interactions between the fans and the band will help to show how powerful and influential fandoms are, and how social media plays a role in that.

This Honors Fellowship gave me the opportunity to take classes over the summer, simultaneously allowing me room in my schedule for an honors thesis and ensuring that I have all the necessary credits to graduate on time.

Hometown: Keswick, VA
Majors: Psychology and Marketing
Future Plans: After looking into this topic, I’ve become really fascinated and interested in PR. I would love to work for a PR/marketing firm within the music industry.
Hobbies: With this project, I’ve managed to turn one of my hobbies into an academic pursuit (something I am rather proud of), but besides One Direction and Tumblr, I really enjoy reading, baking, and making mixed CDs for my friends.
Fun Fact: This summer I am going to China with the Wind Ensemble to play in several cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, and I can’t wait to go and practice my Chinese!


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