Honors Fellowships

Minu Nagashunmugam

Nagashunmuga, MinuName: Minu Nagashunmugam
Title of Project:
 Just a Girl: The intersectionality of gender, stereotypes and political affiliation
Advisor: Cheryl Dickter
Honors Department: Government

My project is examining how a candidate’s gender, political views, and party affiliation interact together to affect a voter’s evaluation of a candidate. My research is important because it can help equalize the playing field for political candidates, and change how campaign messaging is developed and deployed.

Without the Honors Fellowship, I wouldn’t have access to the resources I need to complete my research!

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Majors: Government and Public Health minor
Future Plans: Working on a political campaign, and graduate school
Hobbies: Hiking, knitting, reading
Fun Fact: I’m in the Library of Congress for a reason other than archived Twitter


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