Honors Fellowships

Natalie Libster

Libster, NatalieName: Natalie Libster
Title of Project:
 Baby Basics Moms Club for Pregnant Incarcerated Women
Advisor: Danielle Dallaire
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

I will be examining predictors of breastfeeding among a sample of 109 women who were incarcerated during their pregnancies. Fifty-six percent of these mothers breastfed their infants while 44% did not initiate breastfeeding. I will be conducting a follow-up analysis with 20 women in the sample to collect information on their beliefs and attitudes towards breastfeeding.

For part of my project, I will be providing nutritional and behavioral counseling to incarcerated pregnant women in local correctional facilities. The Honors Fellowship will help provide pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, and diapers to these women.

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
Majors: Psychology
Future Plans: I hope to receive my doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology and pursue a career in academia.
Hobbies: Traveling, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, playing tennis, watching the Phillie
Fun Fact: I spent the spring semester in Aix-en-Provence, France, where I had the absolutely best 4 months of my life!


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