Honors Fellowships

Nic Querolo

Querolo, NicName: Nic Querolo
Title of Project:
 Rei Kawakubo and Tokyo’s Post-nuclear Chic
Advisor: Michael Cronin
Honors Department: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

I will be looking at the impact of Japan’s cyclical nuclear experiences on the country’s street and high fashion. I will be using one of Japan’s most accomplished designers and founder of Comme Des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo, as a case study.

The honors fellowship not only provides me the means to get to Japan, but also to (modestly) live and research in this incredibly expensive city.

Hometown: Reston, VA
Majors: Japanese and Finance
Future Plans: I would like to work as an English teacher in Japan before beginning work as a translator and then pursuing a graduate degree in Japanese visual culture.
Hobbies: I like movies, film cameras, water sports and cooking.
Fun Fact: My great great great grandfather was said to be the “greatest natural botanist in the world.”


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