Honors Fellowships

Reynolds Hahamovitch

Hahamovitch, RennyName: Reynolds Hahamovitch
Title of Project:
 The Golem’s Birth: Tracing the Myth and Monster in Jewish Folklore and Fiction
Advisor: Robert Leventhal
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

The Golem is perhaps the most recognizable icon of Jewish folklore as it has worked its way into books, films, and videogames, as itself or as direct descendants like Shelly’s Frankenstein Monster or Karel Capek’s Robot. I am investigating the earliest forms of the Golem in its first and most famous incarnation in Prague and examining in parallel with the tumultuous history of Ashkenazi Jews.

The Honors Fellowship has been an excellent source of funding and enables students like myself who are beginning research for the first time to work alongside others who are doing the same.

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Majors: English
Future Plans: Graduate school in Folklore
Hobbies: Jazz Saxophone and Creative Writing
Fun Fact: I was born with four kidneys.


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