Honors Fellowships

Robert LaRose

LaRose, RobertName: Robert LaRose
Title of Project:
 Structural Priming across Cognitive Domains: From music and language and math
Advisor: Daniel Parker
Honors Department: Linguistics

My project is an effort to discover similarities between how people’s minds process music and language. It is important because it may impact our understanding of human cognition, which could have applications for the treatment of people with certain psychological disorders.

Without the Honors Fellowship, I would not be able to carry out my research at all. Because of the Fellowship, I will be able to compensate participants and afford any materials that are required for creating the study and analyzing the results.

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Majors: Linguistics and Music
Future Plans: I am considering studying cognitive science at the graduate level. In addition, I am also interested in library science and am considering working as an archivist. I also hope to pursue a side-career as a music director at a church or theater.
Hobbies: Music directing and performing in theatre productions; playing old-time American, Scottish, and Irish folk music on the mandolin.
Fun Fact: I play the domra, which is a traditional Russian folk instrument that resembles the mandolin.


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