Honors Fellowships

Sarah Perry

Perry, SarahName: Sarah Perry
Title of Project:
 The Intersection of Motherhood, Incarceration, and Recidivism
Advisor: Danielle Dallaire
Honors Department: Psychology

My project seeks to explore the factors that may lead a population of incarcerated mothers to reoffend after their release. I am looking at how factors and stressors relating to motherhood and factors and stressors relating to incarceration interact with each other to either compound or combat each other’s effects on the mothers. This is important because in identifying and supporting the special needs of these women, we can work to reduce their rates of recidivism and keep them at home with their babies during a crucial developmental time.

My Honors Fellowship is important because it gives me the ability to devote quality time to getting to know the women I am interviewing and working with in order to gain their trust and learn more about their lives and motivations for reoffending.

Hometown: Arlington, VA
Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Future Plans: I hope to continue on to attend graduate school to earn a PhD. in Clinical Psychology, focusing on intervention and prevention in relation to the justice system and at-risk populations.
Hobbies: I love to horseback ride recreationally, take photographs (though I am digital now, I will always miss the darkroom), bake, making sure I always do at least a few quality control checks, and stress clean.
Fun Fact: I was born on Christmas Day (sorry, Mom)!


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