Honors Fellowships

Sarah Volz

Volz, SarahName: Sarah Volz
Title of Project:
 Children’s Responses to Smoking Stimuli
Advisor: Catherine Forestell
Honors Department: Neuroscience

This project will examine children’s processing of smoking-related cues through the use of behavioral data from computer tasks and physiological data from recordings of brain activity. This study expands upon previous research with college students to explore processing development in 8-12-year-old children.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to continue to collect and analyze data over the summer. This opportunity will strengthen my data set and the quality of results, and help lead to a strong, defensible thesis as well as a publishable, peer-reviewed manuscript. This research project will allow me to pursue research in an area about which I am passionate and will continue to study in the future.

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Majors: Neuroscience
Future Plans: After completing my undergraduate studies at William & Mary, I plan to apply to graduate school to continue researching addiction. Substance abuse is a serious issue, and the difficult reality of those struggling with it motivates me to help them and emphasizes to me the importance of the research I conduct. Understanding why people initiate and maintain drug use will shape our ability to help people.
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, reading, photography, watching superhero movies, listening to music, and slowly making my way through the national park system with a combination of hiking, kayaking, and swimming.
Fun Fact: I spent the last semester studying abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. From that experience, I have been swimming in the North Sea, tried haggis, and petted a baby highland cow, among other various adventures. Other grand adventures in life have included hiking in the Rocky Mountains, seeing grizzly bears in the wild, sea kayaking in Acadia, and discovering just how large whales are in person.

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