Honors Fellowships

Wangxiaoqi Sun

Sun, WangxiaoqiName: Wangxiaoqi Sun
Title of Project:
 The Correlation between Option Markets for the Same Financial Product
Advisor: Charles Johnson
Honors Department: Mathematics

My project examines the relationship between call options of the same stock by varying strike price and maturity dates and comparing the premium. The research will help people gain a better understanding of how Black Scholes equation can be adjusted in real option market.

As a Mathematics and Accounting double major student, Honor Fellowship encourages me and gives me an opportunity to apply knowledge I learned in both field to a real life problem that I’m interested in.

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Majors: Mathematics and Accounting
Future Plans: I’ll continue my study in statistics in graduate school and pursue a career in quantitative analysis.
Hobbies: I like cooking and cleaning rooms. It helps clear my mind and release stress. I appreciate good food. My favorite sports are golf and basketball which I play occasionally.
Fun Fact: I was studying abroad in Paris France in spring 2015 and I traveled to a lot of places. While traveling in Europe, I met a lot of new friends. They were always amazed to find out that I’m originally from China and now I’m studying abroad in Paris while I’m studying abroad in America.


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