Honors Fellowships

Yussre El-Bardicy

El-Bardicy, YussieName: Yussre El-Bardicy
Title of Project:
 Content Analysis of Egyptian Newspapers
Advisor: Jaime Settle
Honors Department: Government

I want to explore whether the changes in power during the past four years of Egyptian turmoil affected the rate of government censorship in the print media. I argue that if the government maintains strict censorship, then both state-owned and independent newspapers should use the same language to describe political events. However, if independent newspapers truly had autonomy, we should expect greater variation in the language used.

The Honors Fellowship will allow me to utilize the tools necessary to conduct my research. I will be purchasing the Arabic dictionary of a text analysis software program, LIWC, to run code that will allow me to observe the variation in language across sources during specific time frames. It will also allow me to be in Williamsburg with close access to the SNaPP Lab.

Hometown: Vienna, VA
Majors: Mathematics
Future Plans: I hope to continue to integrate my passions for mathematics/statistics and politics by working for a think tank or similar agency. However, I also plan on attending graduate school either for statistics or Middle Eastern studies… or both!
Hobbies: Hiking, photography, and babysitting my nieces and nephews. Oh and Twitter. I love to Twitter.
Fun Fact: When one of my nieces was 5, I taught her some basic derivatives. She nailed the math part but couldn’t totally pronounce “derivative.”


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