Honors Fellowships

Zachariah Hasan

Hasan, ZachName: Zachariah Hasan
Title of Project:
 Splitting Proteins: Understanding fragmentation mechanisms of Lysine-containing tetrapeptides
Advisor: John Poutsma
Honors Department: Chemistry

I am investigating the fragmentation of small peptides to improve mass spectrometry techniques of sequencing and identifying proteins.

This Honors Fellowship allows me to improve my research abilities, add depth to my research over the summer, and contribute knowledge to the scientific community.

Hometown: Mclean, VA
Majors: Chemistry
Future Plans: I plan on attending medical school and dedicating my career to helping others. As a physician, I hope to continue research and combine my interests in medicine and chemistry.
Hobbies: Trumpet (classical & jazz), composing music, ping-pong, golfing, soccer, reading science fiction.
Fun Fact: I love listening to electronic music, and my favorite artist is Porter Robinson.


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