RIVERA, ANASTASIAName: Anastasia Rivera
Title of Project: 
Keitai Shosetsu, the Media Creation of the Modern Identity
Advisor: Michael Cronin
Honors Department: Global Studies

A keitai shosetsu, a cell-phone novel, is a serialized story, delivered through e-mail or text, to those who subscribe through distribution companies. In my research, I will focus on how these novels exist at the crossroads between technology and literature, what we make and what makes us human.

Hometown: Haymarket, Virginia
Hobbies: In my free time, I usually read a wide variety of works or watch movies and television dramas. I also love writing, baking, creating soundtracks, and helping people work through their problems.
Fun Fact: I’ve high-fived one of my favorite popular rock singers and been pooped on by a bird in Venice. Recently, I found out that I’m allergic to most of the fruits I love because someone explained to me that the fuzzy feeling in my mouth was not actually just “part of the taste.”

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