MARTIN, CAROLINEName: Caroline Martin
Title of Project: 
Which Neurons Produce Rhythmic Breathing? Development and Assembly of Dbx1-derived Neurons
Advisor: Christopher Del Negro
Honors Department: Biology

The Del Negro lab researches the neural circuit in the brain stem that produces rhythmic breathing, with the ultimate goal of understanding an observable behavior from molecular through macroscopic levels. My project will attempt to characterize the development of this circuit based on genetic markers.

Hometown: Springfield, Virginia
Future Plans: 
Hobbies: Writing, graphic design, hip hop dancing and music, photography, science fiction, running, weight lifting, blogging, listening to podcasts, science tutoring
Fun Fact: I was a tour guide at the National Air and Space Museum for four years, I publish an art and creative writing magazine with my best friend, I write a weekly science blog for the Flat Hat newspaper called “Alma Matter,” I am on W&M’s hip hop dance team (Syndicate), I am a Tri Delta sister, I have my own science design blog: “Emperica”, and I am certified in laser etching and 3D printing


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