HOWARD, CHRISTINAName: Christina Howard
Title of Project: 
Initial Steps Toward Creating a Diagnostic Lab-on-a-chip: Optimization of Unnatural Amino Acid Directed Protein Immobilization
Advisor: Douglas Young
Honors Department: Chemistry

We will be using unique versions of protein building blocks, known as unnatural amino acids, to attach proteins to a solid surface. Once this methodology is optimized, it can be applied to engineer a lab-on-a-chip that can be used to streamline diagnostic testing.

Hometown: Manassas, Virginia
Future Plans: 
Hobbies: When I’m not working in the lab or participating in Chemistry club, I enjoy horseback riding (3-Day Eventing in particular), hiking in the mountains, making jewelry, and reading fantasy novels.
Fun Fact: I’m involved in the William and Mary Chemistry Club as one of the co-presidents. I love animals and all things colorful, and am hoping to get a horse sometime in the next year! I’m planning on going onto biochemistry or structural biology graduate school.


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