FLYNN, COLLEENName: Colleen Flynn
Title of Project: 
Plants on the Move: The Biomechanics of Rapid Movement in a Flower’s Stigma
Advisor: Joshua Puzey
Honors Department: Biology

The goal of my project is to understand the mechanisms behind the movement of the stigma, or pollen receptacle, of Mimulus cardinalis. To do this, I will be looking into the molecular structure within stigma as well as the factors that influence its movement.

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia
Hobbies: Beyond my interest in science, I enjoy working in various forms of art. One of my biggest outlets in the arts is competing in ballroom dancing with the Ballroom Dance Club at W&M. I also greatly enjoy sewing, and I have spent a good deal of time creating the dresses that I use for competitions. Beyond these, I use my downtime to keep up with playing piano, which I have been doing for the majority of my life.
Fun Fact: In high school, I sang in our school’s choir. We went on a trip to Europe to perform, and sang in some of the most amazing places: over Bach’s grave, in Mozart’s home town, and even as the guests at a mass in Notre Dame!


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