ROSENBERG, DANNYName: Daniel Rosenberg
Title of Project: 
Investigating the Role of the C9orF72 Repeat in Neurodegeneration
Advisor: William Buchser
Honors Department: Biology

The C9orF72 mutation has been shown to be directly linked to ALS, dementia, and other neurodegenerative disease, but little is known about what this mutation actually does within the cell, and if or how it can be corrected. My project will focus on investigating the role of the C9 mutation in the onset of disease phenotypes in both human cancer and avian neuron tissue cultures in order to better understand what processes are involved.

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
Hobbies: ROCKET Magazine: Editor-in-chief (2016), Creative Director, photography,videography, Endurance Cycling. I have worked at the cheese shop since the Fall of freshman year [Retail & Crowd Control at The Cheese Shop].
Fun Fact: I am an Eagle Scout


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