DOUBENI, EBIMENEName: Ebimene Doubeni
Title of Project: 
Understanding Colorism Through Perceptions and Social Interactions of African Diasporic Women
Advisor: Iyabo Osiapem
Honors Department: Africana Studies

My research project will compare and contrast the experiences of Afro-Trinidadian females at the University of West Indians to African American females at William and Mary and how colorism influences their self perceptions and social interactions with other people at their respective universities. The goal of my project is to educate people on the complexities of colorism so they would be better able to handle colorism in their own communities.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hobbies: My non-academic activities include working at the Williamsburg Child Care Center as well as occasional babysitting. I really enjoy doing hair, shopping and spending time with friends. I like to cook on the weekends and talk walks in the nighttime
Fun Fact: I am the only great granddaughter on my grandfather’s side of the family.


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