NaYATES, ELLENme: Ellen Yates
Title of Project: 
Neuroanatomical substrate of emotion processing: Implications for Huntington’s Disease
Advisor: Joshua Burke
Honors Department: Neuroscience

I will be studying the neuroanatomy underlying normal emotion processing and the recognition of emotion in faces, which can be damaged in neurodegenerative disease, e.g. Huntington’s Disease. This project could help researchers further understand these neurodegenerative diseases and how they effect patients at the cognitive level.

Hometown: Rochester, New York
Hobbies: I am a student coordinator for Branch Out Alternative Breaks, an active member of Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, and member of several smaller groups and organizations around our campus, including a health mentorship program, diversity in philosophy discussion group, and the planning committee for the Out of the Darkness Walk held this spring.
Fun Fact: I worked as a ski instructor for five years and loved every minute of it.


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