SYLVESTER, JAMESName: James Sylvester
Title of Project: 
Medieval Moorish Law in Spain
Advisor: George Greenia
Honors Department: Hispanic Studies

I will be translating the Medieval Spanish manuscript called “Leyes de Moros”, which defined how Islamic communities governed their own internal affairs during their surrender to Christian forces, was thought to have been lost for decades, and has never been studied in depth before.  It is my goal to make information on the law codes that governed Islamic communities in Spain available for English-speaking scholars and hope to find what influenced this law code in particular as well as how this law code influenced future law codes.

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Hobbies: I enjoy running, playing tennis, soccer, basketball, football, swimming, reading, cooking, and baking.
Fun Fact: I really enjoy watching a tv show called Quite Interesting, which is a show about fun facts.


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