SCHRAGE, KHARISName: Kharis Schrage
Title of Project: 
Investigating Intertidal Zonation on Mudflats Using Acorn Worms as a Model System
Advisor: Jonathan Allen
Honors Department: Biology

I will be looking at the causes of distribution patterns of acorn worms between the high and low tide lines on mudflats in Maine and Virginia. Not only is this species understudied, but my research may also help to understand some ecological paradigms that are well studied on rocky shores, but not understood in the soft sediment communities of Maine and Virginia.

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Hobbies: I am currently the president of three clubs on campus, Circle K International (a student run service organization), Club Field Hockey, and the Marine Science Society so I suppose one of my hobbies is leadership. But also I do really enjoy doing community service, playing field hockey, and do marine related things. Outside of clubs, I love to fish, go boating ad hiking, and play tennis.
Fun Fact: In middle school I beat the world record for the number of pogo stick jumps done in a minute. I did 172.


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