EKSTROM, KRISTENName: Kristen Ekstrom
Title of Project: 
Dignity and Self-Respect
Advisor: Christopher Freiman
Honors Department: Philosophy

Self-respect is crucial for living a flourishing human life. But what is it exactly? My honors project will investigate the nature and importance of self-respect, distinguishing it from related notions such as arrogance, humility, and self-esteem. I will support Immanuel Kant’s view that we have a duty to respect ourselves that derives from our dignity as rational beings. My project will seek to integrate this with John Rawls’ observation that the ability of individuals to respect themselves is heavily dependent on their social and political circumstances. Finally, I will address whether forgiveness always supports or rather sometimes undermines the ability to respect oneself.

Hometown: Williamsburg, Virginia
Hobbies: I love to write creatively; I’ve got two science fiction books currently in the works. I also love theater, dance, music, and playing the drums.
Fun Fact: I studied abroad at the University of Nottingham in Fall 2015, and while over there, I took a weekend trip to Oslo, Norway all by myself. In December!


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