GEORGE, LOGANName: Logan George
Title of Project: 
Pigment Placers: Identification of Pigment Regulating Genes in Monkeyflowers
Advisor: Joshua Puzey
Honors Department: Biology

Even closely related individuals of a flower population show drastic levels of petal design variation. I will identify which genes are responsible for generating this variation, which will help the botanical community understand more about the defining feature of flowering plants.

Hometown: Gloucester, Virginia
Hobbies: I’m a member of the Tribe Sailing team, and have sailed since I was 10 years old. I work in the Admissions office of W&M as a STEM Panelist, where I teach prospective students about our STEM program, and as a tour guide. I also work at the Tribe TutorZone, where I mainly tutor organic chemistry.
Fun Fact: My dad works on movies, and sometimes he would fly my me and my mom out to see the sets. When I was 13, he flew us out to Nashville while he was working on the Hannah Montana Movie. He introduced me to Miley Cyrus, but he didn’t warn me beforehand, so when she came over I had just stuffed four slim jims in my mouth and couldn’t talk to her. So she gave me a weird look and left. I told my dad about it, who told Miley, and the next time I was on the set, Miley saw me from across the road and shouted “Hey Jerky Boy!”


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