BROWN, LYDIAName: Lydia Brown 
Title of Project: 
The Inarticulate Emotion of Rhythm: Essays and Other Writings
Advisor: Henry Hart
Honors Department: English

My project will combine essays and poetry written on various topics of music and emotion. I will write on my own personal musical experiences and the experiences of several interviewees as well as concepts of music and emotion as explained by music philosophers Jankelevitch and Hasty. This research explores topics of music and emotion across multiple disciplines and threads together topics with a creative voice.

Hometown: Forest, Virginia
Hobbies: There’s a lot of academic overlap in what I like to do in my spare time! I love to read, write, and play marimba. I also love drawing and painting, playing ukulele, running, hiking, and (most importantly) spending time with my friends, family, and dog.
Fun Fact: I’m a panda enthusiast. I check the National Zoo’s live PandaCam so often, Google automatically links me there after I type “p.” I also did a lot of panda fundraising when I was in elementary school (and took one of my school pictures in my panda polo).


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