MCGUINNESS, MATTHEWName: Matthew McGuiness
Title of Project: 
Modeling Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis
Advisor: Randolph Coleman
Honors Department: Neuroscience

I am building a computer model of how the human body tries to repair the nervous system in multiple sclerosis. Using a mathematical model, I will be able to propose ways in which pharmaceutical researchers should target the disease in the future to ensure healthy nervous system recovery.

Hometown: Plainsboro, New Jersey
Future Plans: 
Hobbies: I’m the current Director of the William & Mary Pep Band after having been a part of the drumline for three years. I also work as a tutor for biology, chemistry, and math at the Tribe TutorZone. When I’m not in the lab or studying for class, I love to play basketball and go rock climbing.
Fun Fact: My hometown is the setting of the TV show House!


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