BAUER, MCNEILLName: McNeill Bauer
Title of Project: 
Factors Regulating Enhanced Atmospheric Deposition Across High Elevation Thresholds
Advisor: James Kaste
Honors Department: Geology

Investigating why there is heightened atmospheric deposition of contaminants in areas of high elevation compared to low elevation areas.

Hometown: Reston, Virginia
Hobbies: Love to play tennis, go rock climbing, and run. I enjoy going hiking, camping, kayaking, spending time outdoors. I am a member of AMP comedy, helped bring Bo Burnham to campus last semester, and I write sketches and jokes. I am a poker player, just a game lover really, I own upwards of three dozen different board games.
Fun Fact: I am the president of Club Poker here at the college! Also was a semi-professional laser tag player in high school.


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