LAUER, POLLYName: Polly Lauer
Title of Project: 
The Relationship between Grassroots Community Radio and Maya in Guatemala & Chiapas, Mexico
Advisor: Betsy Konefal
Honors Department: History

My project will focus on how issues facing Maya groups in Mexico and Guatemala have shaped the causes and the identity they mobilize around, and how these have been presented through radio broadcasts about cultural identity, rights, and according action. Moreover, it will consider how radio, in spreading these cultural messages, can be a tool of social, economic, and political empowerment. This research will help garner more awareness and support around the institution of community radio and Indigenous rights.

Hometown: Harvard, Massachusetts
Future Plans: 
Hobbies: I enjoy drawing, swimming, and hiking in my free time. On campus, I am a member of SchoolHouse Block and the American Indian Student Association.
Fun Fact: My family has lived in Massachusetts since the 1630s, and one of my ancestors was accused of witchcraft.


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