MERRIMAN-GOLDRING, RACHELName: Rachel Merriman-Goldring
Title of Project: 
Art for the Environment: An Exploration of Non-Curricular Interdisciplinary Environmental Ed
Advisor: Alan Braddock
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

I’m writing my thesis non-curricular environmental education, with an emphasis on environmental education that incorporates art, graphics, and data. I will be studying the extent to which an interdisciplinary approach to environmental education can better communicate the science of climate change to communities that aren’t typically reached.

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Hobbies: I’m an artist and a lover of art. I am an avid walker; I enjoy exploring cities and parks and natural spaces. I love to read about anything and everything.
Fun Fact: I’m studying abroad in Lille, in the North of France, this semester.


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