LE, THOMASName: Thomas Le
Title of Project: 
Feed Your Feelings: Preventing Disordered Eating through Emotion Regulation
Advisor: Catherine Forestell
Honors Department: Psychology

My honors project will examine how the way we cope with our emotions affects maladaptive eating behaviors, such as emotional and disordered eating. Understanding the psychological mechanisms that underlie how and why we eat can help us create evidence-based interventions and treatments, to prevent and address negative health outcomes like obesity and eating disorders.

Hometown: Clifton, Virginia
Future Plans: 
Hobbies: writing, reading, mental health advocacy, educating myself about feminism and other important social justice issues, listening to Ariana Grande
Fun Fact: I love intersectional approaches to clinical psychology and social justice, and I hope to intertwine the two fields in my work as a future academic. I am also trying to find a method to empirically prove I am Ariana Grande’s biggest fan.

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