Past Fellows

Third Year of Online Fund-raising for Honors Fellowships

Spring, 2011 is just the third year of our Web-based effort to raise funds to support student research projects.  This method of reaching out to our alumni and friends is new to William and Mary and, as far as we know, almost unique in U.S. higher education.  It allows us to showcase the spectacular work our students are doing and give our friends an opportunity to support individual projects that catch their eye.  As a result, we were able to fully fund 12 honors theses.  2010 was a great year; 2011, we believe, will be even more successful.

2010 Fellows

Brent Bickings, Religious Studies: Ancient Synagogues as Indicators of the Nature and Extent of Jewish-Gentile Interaction in the Roman EmpireBrittney Calloway, Interdisciplinary Studies: Exploring Effective Discipline Strategies for Middle Schools [Read Brittney’s Blog]

Elena Carey, Anthropology: A Grid of Meaning: The Significance of Zoning in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania [Read Elena’s Blog]

Amy Clinger, Interdisciplinary Studies: An Ethnography and Exploration of the Social Marginalization and Stigmatization of Unwed Single Mothers in Rabat, Morocco [Read Amy’s Blog]

Brittany Fallon, Anthropology: Toward a Greater Enrichment: The Importance of Natural Context, Stability, and Collaboration in Captive Primate Welfare [Read Brittany’s Blog]

Brian Focarino, Linguistics: The Language of Consumerism: What the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents Tells Us About Foreign Language Assumptions in Trademark Law [Read Brian’s Blog]

Meredith Howard, History: Uncovering Codice L. 3: A Cultural, Legal and Religious Examination of the Zugarramurdi Witch-Hunts, 1609-1612 [Read Meredith’s Blog]

Delores Huberts, Biology: The genetics and genomics of inter- and intra- population variations in disease rates: a look at the interplay between ancestral continent of origin, sex, genes and differential expression [Read Delores’ Blog]

Sam McVane, Classical Studies: The Bare Necessities: Ancient Eastern Ascetics in Western Literature [Read Sam’s Blog]

Sean Moran, Geology: The Paleoecology, Taphonomy, and Depositional Environment of Microvertebrate Accumulations in the Cloverly Formation [Read Sean’s Blog]

Benjamin Norris, English: An American Troubadour: The Career and Role of Alfred Kreymborg [Read Benjamin’s Blog]

Michael Smith, Modern Languages and Literature: Haussmann’s Political Promenades: A Literary History of the Reconstruction of Paris [Read Michael’s Blog]

Jean-Paul Wallace, Music: Constructing a classical guitar with interchangable fret-boards [Read Jean-Paul’s Blog]

2009 Fellows

Dina Abdel-Fattah, International Relations: The Comparative Effect of International Imposition of Power-Sharing Agreements on Ethnoreligious ReconciliationSarah Argodale, Global Studies: Russia’s Peripheral Nations: An Examination of the Soviet Union Colonialist Legacy

Caitlin Bovery, Biology: Habitat Preferences and Potential Restoration of the Soft Shell Clam, Mya arenaria, in the Lower Chesapeake Bay

Andrea Brown, Women’s Studies: Indian Cosmo: Globalization and the Middle Class Indian Woman

Jennifer Garrott, Film Studies: Prince William County during the Civil War: Crossroads of Conflict

Kathryn Hansen, French: Ballet as a Political Force in Seventeenth Century France

Mary Henin, Linguistics: English as a Second Language Programs and Pedagogy: A Critical Linguistic Analysis

Rebecca Mikulas, Chemistry: Optimizing Energy Transfer via Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopic Analysis

Megan Shuler, Classical Studies: Things Left Behind: A Comparative Artifact Analysis of Pompeii and other Roman Domestic Sites

Tyler Stukenbroeker, Chemistry: Formation of Highly Electrically Conductive and Specular Reflective Surface-Silvered Polyimide Films Under Exceptionally Mild Conditions

Dan Villareal, Linguistics: Closing the Communication Gap Between Mathematics Professors and Undergraduates