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David Geroski

Hometown: Derry, New Hampshire

Major: Physics

Advisor: Shiwei Zhang

$2000 to go

Simulating Superconductivity by Integral Equations

A primary goal of modern Condensed Matter Physics is the accurate prediction of materials properties. However, predicting these properties from first principles typically entails an exponentially growing number of calculations, making standard approaches exceedingly difficult, even for a computer. Therefore, studying the properties of strongly correlated systems such as magnetic materials, optical lattices and high-temperature super conductors requires a computational method which can work with relatively large systems in finite Read More…

This Year's Funding Drive Has Ended

Chloe Miksovic

Hometown: Gordonsville, Virginia

Major: Africana Studies Education

Advisor: Jeremy Stoddard

$2000 to go

How Do They Do It?: Characteristics of Successful Teachers of African American Students

In the United States, there is a substantial gap in achievement between African American and White students. Though caused by many factors, the differences between students’ and teachers’ races can affect achievement in the classroom. Over 90% of teachers are White, but there is growing diversity among students; therefore, White teachers must learn to use culturally relevant pedagogy in their classrooms to promote success among all students. In my research Read More…

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Lillian Singer

Hometown: Annandale, Virginia

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Advisor: David Aday

$2000 to go

A Statistical Analysis of State and Nationwide Legislation on Women’s Healthcare Access in Virginia

This project examines the effects of Virginia’s Senate Bill 924, or the TRAP laws – a set of architectural and administrative regulations for abortion care clinics – and their impact on clinics’ ability to remain open. These onerous requirements, with which it is very costly to remain in compliance, have resulted in the shutdown of several clinics across the state, and are projected to lead to the closure of many Read More…

This Year's Funding Drive Has Ended

Tanner Russo

Hometown: Sumerduck, Virginia

Major: Government

Advisor: Christine Nemacheck

$2000 to go

Geopolitics & Justice: The Role of Progressive Cities in Protecting Civil Liberties

My honors thesis will test the theory that progressive urban localities are more protective of civil liberties than rural or conservative localities. My research will focus on legislative reactions to four contentious Supreme Court rulings on civil liberties issues like abortion, religious freedom, and flag-burning: Roe v. Wade (1971); Goldman v. Weinberger (1985); Texas v. Johnson (1988); and Employment Division v. Smith (1989). I will examine whether members of Congress Read More…

This Year's Funding Drive Has Ended

Natalie Hudson-Smith

Hometown: Spotsylvania, Virginia

Major: Chemistry

Advisor: David Kranbuehl

$2000 to go

Production and Loading of Polyimides with Graphene

Polyimides are high performance polymers that demonstrate excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties. They are used in industrial and personal electronic applications. Current research suggests that addition of small amounts of Graphene Oxide (GO), a form of functionalized graphene containing oxygen-containing functional groups, into the polymer matrix of other high performance polymers such as polyamide-11 and polyamide-12 may greatly improve the mechanical properties of the polymer, such as tensile strength. These Read More…