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Katianna Tron

Hometown: Camarillo, California

Major: English

Advisor: Jennifer Putzi

$1200 to go

Sarah Hale: Using Editorial Influence to Impact Domestic Feminism

The nineteenth century was a time characterized by a lack of women’s rights and women’s education in the United States. While American women were fighting to gain ground in the classroom and in the work place, Sarah Josepha Hale made a career for herself as editor of the most popular women’s magazine in the country, Godey’s Lady’s Book. At the time of its greatest success, Godey’s Lady’s Book had 150,000 subscribers Read More…

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Wangxiaoqi Sun

Hometown: Williamsburg, Virginia

Major: Mathematics

Advisor: Charles Johnson

$165 to go

The Correlation between Option Markets for the Same Financial Product

My honor thesis will examine the correlation between different option markets for the same financial product, based on premium, maturity date, strike price, volatility, and volume. It focuses on the internal relationship within one option market and the external relationship between different option markets. The research will be built on Black-Scholes model, an equation to determine premium, to study the internal relationship of these variables within the same option market. Read More…

This Year's Funding Drive Has Ended

Emily Draper

Hometown: Summit, New Jersey

Major: Government

Advisor: Jaime Settle

$735 to go

Are Women Afraid to Disagree? Investigating the Validity of Twitter as a Measure of Public Opinion

Many regard Twitter as a representation of public opinion. But when it comes to political discussion on Twitter, women may be acting as “yes-men”. In other words, women’s psychological barriers to expressing disagreement online may invalidate Twitter as a measurement of public opinion. In online political discussions, women are most likely to express agreement with other women. However, when it comes to online political discussion, I predict that women will Read More…

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Brenna Ferris

Hometown: Herndon, Virginia

Major: History

Advisor: Betsy Konefal

$1367 to go

Historical Memory: The Teaching of Genocide in Guatemala

For my honors thesis, I will explore post-war history education in Guatemalan secondary schools. Following a long civil war and genocide in the 1980’s, the Guatemalan government has tried to ignore this part of its country’s past. However, one way in which the state is forced to confront is past is history education. Through a combination of examining written sources and interviewing education officials and teachers, I will explore the Read More…

This Year's Funding Drive Has Ended

Sarah Perry

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

Major: Psychology

Advisor: Danielle Dallaire

$985 to go

The Intersection of Motherhood, Incarceration, and Recidivism

For my Honors Thesis, I am studying the influences factors related to motherhood may exert on a former inmate’s likelihood to reoffend. The source of my data is the William & Mary Healthy Beginnings Project, a program works with pregnant incarcerated women from correctional institutions in the area to administer counseling, provide prenatal vitamins, promote healthy eating habits, and support their participants through their release back into society. The Healthy Read More…